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18 April 2014 @ 10:15 pm
Banner Drop Off  
Thank you guys so much for your banner help!

Below are comments with categories listed. Please submit your banners one category at a time using the textbox I will provide. I'll ask you for the category title, your username (so I can give you recognition a category at a time), and then I'll have you code in the images. Please just use the <*img src=> space next image blah blah blah and don't try any fancy centering stuff. The less coding, the better, so I can hopefully fit them all into one post. And please make sure that it all is in a textbox so I can just copy and paste the formatting in order to make it easy to peruse.

Just because it's something I have noticed, you don't have to make nominee AND winner/runner-up banners for members who ended up winning/came in second, just make the appropriate placement banner. That way you have a little less work.

If you're confused, please please ask questions. :)

So please use this textbox when you submit your banners (and remember to take out the star at the end). Also please do not include " in your coding since that will mess up my spreadsheet code where I put all the banner codes in XD Thank you!

The Submission Threads:

House Favorites: Gryffindor’s pride (Favourite Gryffindor, Hufflepuff’s best badger (Favourite Hufflepuff), Ravenclaw’s highest-flier (Favourite Ravenclaw), Slytherin’s purest (Favourite Slytherin)
House Embodied: Pirate Lion Award (person who embodies Gryffindor), Puff of the Round Table Award (person who embodies Hufflepuff), Viking Eagle Award (person who embodies Ravenclaw), Slytherin's Most Cunning Vamp (person who embodies Slytherin)
Hybrids: Mane and Stripes Award (biggest Gryffinpuff), Feathers and Mane Award (biggest Ravendor), Feathers and Stripes Award (biggest Ravenpuff), Scales and Feathers Award (biggest Slytherclaw), Scales and Mane Award (biggest Slytherdor), Scales and Stripes Award (biggest Slytherpuff), Biggest Hybrid
Wizarding Careers: Future Order of the Phoenix Member, Future Minister for Magic, Future Headmaster/Headmistress
Term Accomplishments: Star Sorter, Best Fanartist, Best Fanficcer, Best Graphic Maker, Best Flourish Shop, Best Club Leader, Rita Skeeter Award (Best Daily Prophet column writer)
Pride and Joy: Part 1: Favourite Old-School HiHer, Favourite Newbie, Most House Pride, Most Dedicated to HiH, Best Cheerleader, Best Peacemaker
Pride and Joy: Part 2: Loudest Voice for House Unity, Honeydukes Award for the sweetest HiHer, Fred and George Award (Funniest HiHer), Sirius Black Award for Most Badass Member, Peeves Award (Most Mischievous Member), Wittiest HiHer
Pride and Joy: Part 3: Harry Potter Award for Services to CAPSLOCK!, Most Likely to Win the Tri-Wizard Tournament, HiH OTP/OT3/OT4/OTwhatever
Term Officials: Head Girl/Boy (Best Prefects), The Dumbledore Award - Best Official
Martine: BH/Ninjasla_loony on April 18th, 2014 08:28 pm (UTC)
Term Accomplishments
samantha: toy story | barbie & kensamantha on December 29th, 2018 01:26 am (UTC)
Best Fanficcer

Best Club Leader

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shotgun sinners, wild eyed jokersgrowling on January 7th, 2019 02:00 am (UTC)